Synchronizing calendars

This post describes ways of pushing MS outlook and Google calendars to Nextcloud.

My main working calendar is the Nextcloud app because I can easily sync it is my Sailfish phone. I also use Google calendar (for sharing family events) and MS outlook calendar (for work). Today I decided to merge all these calendars into a single one that I can sync on all my devices. Here is how.

MS to Nextcloud

Use outlookcaldavsynchronizer as recommended in the Nextcloud blog.

Google to Nextcould

  • Get the iCal link from Google Calendar as follows:
  • In the left calendar list menu of Google Calendar, go to the ⋮ menu of the calendar to be shared
  • Click on “Settings and sharing”
  • On the Calendar settings page, scroll down to “Secret address in iCal format”
  • In Nextcloud Calendar’s left menu, click on “+New Calendar” > “New subscription from link (read-only)”
  • Insert the “Secret address in iCal format”
  • Your new calendar subscription will appear in the list; you can change its name or color in the menu of your calendar