Synchronizing calendars

This post describes ways of pushing MS outlook and Google calendars to Nextcloud.

My main working calendar is the Nextcloud app because I can easily sync it is my Sailfish phone. I also use Google calendar (for sharing family events) and MS outlook calendar (for work). Today I decided to merge all these calendars into a single one that I can sync on all my devices. Here is how.

MS to Nextcloud

Use outlookcaldavsynchronizer as recommended in the Nextcloud blog.

Google to Nextcould

  • Get the iCal link from Google Calendar as follows:
  • In the left calendar list menu of Google Calendar, go to the ⋮ menu of the calendar to be shared
  • Click on “Settings and sharing”
  • On the Calendar settings page, scroll down to “Secret address in iCal format”
  • In Nextcloud Calendar’s left menu, click on “+New Calendar” > “New subscription from link (read-only)”
  • Insert the “Secret address in iCal format”
  • Your new calendar subscription will appear in the list; you can change its name or color in the menu of your calendar

The second visit of Iuliia

By Iuliia:


I have been collaborating with the Electrical Double Layer group from the University of Tartu since the beginning of 2016. I had been to Tartu once, in March’2016, and this August I have visited the group again. During this visit, I was accompanied by Dr. Marco Preto, Researcher in Novelmar Project from Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto.
The host institution received us very warmly. There was no need to settle any bureaucracy procedures – Estonian efficiency does not cease to amaze me. Everything was taken care of in advance, and we immediately got out a working spaces, keys or anything we could need for work. I think such attitude is very important for these short visits.
In Estonia we spent two wonderful weeks with work and leisure interconnected. Most of the time in Tartu we worked closely with Dr. Vladislav Ivaništšev and his team, where very productive work was carried out, with social activity interludes that recharged us with a relaxed exchange of ideas. During this visit, the work on developing of an approach to an analysis of electrical double layer in ionic liquids systems was conducted, and an article on our previously done work was prepared for submission.
Among all the Master and PhD students, that are being trained at the group, Meeri Lembinen must be acknowledged especially. Meeri, besides being a brilliant student, is a perfect manager. I suspect, due to her care and attention we have not got a single problem at the university and during the whole stay were accompanied by her and felt like at home.
I hope, our fruitful collaboration is to be continued!


Iuliia (left), Meeri (right)

Writing workshop

Thesis writing and, in general, academic writing is a skill. Not everyone has that skill, but certainly most can get it. To develop an understanding of the behaviours associated with successful writing, we organized a workshop with the help of AVOK – Centre for Academic Writing and Communication. Under the supervision of Djuddah A. J. Leijen, we started this four-hour workshop with Q&A followed by sessions about time management, in particular how to avoid procrastination, and, of course, grammar.

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