Working with RSS

RSS is a site summary – a format used to create feeds with articles’ metadata, including Graphical Abstract, Title, Publication data, Authors, and Abstract.

Here is my way of organizing RSS flows. Let us take as an example ACS journals. Their RSS feeds are all given on one page:

I have copied them all by opening the html-code and taking the urls, which I then merge into a single opml-file at

Then I uploaded the opml-file to a very old but still working webpage:

feedrinse merges all feeds into one “channel” feed. Here is my merged feed:

Using feedrince’s interface is tricky. Check this blogposts for a step-by-step instruction:

In my case, feedrince’s filters do not work. So, I turned to , where one can set up a regex filter. You can check your regex expression at Here is my example:


which finds all words containing “electro” or “cataly” or “double”.

From siftrss I got a new feed that I entered to my RSS reader.

I am currently using online and mobile RSS readers, which are synced together. Namely, I use Nextcloud News, because I have a Nextcloud account.

In these RSS readers, one can see the essential info about each article and star articles. It is a pleasure to swipe articles on the mobile phone and star interesting articles. Later one can open the stared articles from the online reader and go to the publisher’s webpage. At that stage, I also use Reader View (in Firefox) and listen to the abstract.

Nextcloud news
Nextcloud News (mobile)

P.S. Here are all ACS feeds (as for dec 2022):