Predictions of Physicochemical Properties of Ionic Liquids with DFT

We have published an article in Computation, where we discuss predicting both static and dynamic physicochemical properties of ionic liquids with density functional theory. We prepared a workflow using NaRIBaS and conducted the calculations with 48 common ionic pairs. Thence, we estimated relevant properties for practical electrochemical applications, such as electrochemical stability and viscosity.

This work is an example how a simplistic computational model can be used in combination with informatics techniques to obtain relevant information about the ionic liquids. It can be found at the MDPI Journal website (Computation 2016, 4(3), 25; doi:10.3390/computation4030025).

Figure 6 from the article.
Figure 6 from the article. The relation between the electrochemical stability window (EW) and the estimated activation energy of viscosity (Eaest).