Sergey Sosnin’s visit to Tartu

I was in a three-days academic trip in December 2016 within a collaboration between Skoltech research group of Prof. Maxim Fedorov and Tartu theoretical electrochemistry group. My primary goal was to study 3D-RISM method for calculation of the solvatation of molecules and applying this method in my QSAR researches. During my visit I’ve worked closely with Maksim Mišin. He has trained me the 3D-RISM methodology, workflow, and theoretical background. After that we have done a small project related with application of RISM in deep learning for chemoinformatics tasks. I was inspired by good theoretical and practical skills of researchers in the theoretical electrochemistry group. We discussed a lot about current science challenges, and I hope that mutual exchange of ideas was helpful for both.

Because it was my first visit to Tartu I had have intended to familiarize myself with this town. Maksim Mišin and Dr. Vladislav Ivaništšev have represented me this city and have told me a lot of interesting things about Estonia. I was really enjoyed in this trip, and I hope that I will visit it again.

Sergey Sosnin