Zotero + chatGPT via pdfGEAR

Some time ago (in 2023), I linked Zotero with chatGPT by creating an environment with paper-qa and pyzotero like this:
conda create -n Zotero
conda activate Zotero
conda install pip
pip install paper-qa
pip install pyzotero
pip install bs4

That worked but felt way too complicated … like I am not going to use it on a daily basis. It also reminded me the very first experience with the Meta AI in late 2022 (which everyone already forgot).

Here is a much simpler recipe:

  1. Install Zotero add-on from github.com/retorquere/zotero-open-pdf to enable opening with external pdf viewers.
  2. Install pdfGEAR as your default pdf viewer (external to Zotero).

See how it works on my YouTube channel: youtu.be/4JSy2RsBLDE?si=Hbj7oq7gaOiq6END