Visualizing ASE atoms in Jupyter notebooks

For a long time I wanted to see ASE atoms in my Jupyter notebook. My previous attempts were usually unsuccessful. Today I decided to try again. First ASE wiki suggests x3d and webngl:

view(atoms, viewer='x3d')
view(atoms, viewer='ngl')

Łucasz Mentel gives some useful tips in his blogpost from 2017.

In my case x3d works and webngl fails. The x3d picture is not enought, and I do not want to spend much time on fixing webngl.

ASE-notebook is what works for me.

conda create -n "jupyter"
conda activate jupyter
conda install -c conda-forge ase-notebook
conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

By the way, the model is from my “Surface Curvature Effect on Dual-Atom Site Oxygen Electrocatalysis” paper, which you can read at chemRxiv until it turns Gold Open Access.